About Me


My name is Michelle and I am the very proud mother of two amazing and very energetic kids who keep me on toes each and every day!

I am a CanFitPro Certified Personal Training Specialist, Active Aging Movement Coach, FitForBirth Pre & Post Natal Corrective Exercise Specialist and a level 2 kickboxer. I have always been passionate about health and fitness and helping others. 

I was faced with my own health challenges after giving birth to my second child. Struggling to find the energy and think clearly each day. I was forced to dig deep and find the culprit for my lack of energy, anxiety and exhaustion. Through this process, I was educated on the negative affects that certain foods have on our body and mind and the importance of exercise and routine. This experience is what led me to turn my passion into my career as a personal trainer.

My focus is on each client and how I can help them maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Educating them on the importance of taking care of their mind and body through finding balance, exercising effectively and including the right foods in their daily routine. 

My programs are designed uniquely to cater to each one of my clients needs and goals. From high intensity workouts to slow fluid movements, I like to keep things fun and challenging for my clients to keep them motivated and focused. 

I believe in setting goals that are realistic, achievable and unique for each person.